1.20.4 Server Update

1.20.4 Server Update

We will be updating the server to Minecraft version 1.20.4 on 13-02-2024.
Preliminary downtime from 08:00 to 15:00 (UTC)  -  03:00  to 10:00 (EST)
(This could take longer depending on various factors)

What is being changed in this update?

Minecraft Updates

  1. Updates to the server backend for easier management of various issues, features, and more.
  2. The behavior of entity limit checking will be updated.
    • The changes below should not affect the current limit that we have set.
    • Entity Grouping
      • When the server checks for entities (villagers and other entities), it will group the ones in a specific range (see entity limits section below).
      • Example: If the limit is 20 villagers in a 10 block range, only villagers within 10 blocks of each other will be grouped. The moment there is more than an 11 block range between the same entity, it will create a new group.
    • Entity Limits (Entity Type | Limit | Range):
      • Villager | 50 | 48
      • Pig, Cow, Chicken, Rabbit, Sheep | 64 | 48
      • Zombie, Skeleton, Creeper, Spider, Zombified Piglin | 64 | 48
      • Minecarts | 64 | 48
      • These limits may change in the future
  3. Tiles limit will use the grouping method instead of hard limit by type.
    • Chest, Trapped_Chest, and Barrel will have a limit of 512 tiles/chunk.
    • Hopper will have a limit of 200 tiles/chunk.
    • Observer will have a limit of 200 tiles/chunk.
    • Piston, and Sticky_Piston will have a limit of 400 tiles/chunk.
Written by MrEDok
1 month ago
1.20.4 Server Update
Written by MrEDok
1 month ago
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1.20.4 Server Update

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