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Monthly Goal


Donation Pool
The server bill is paid on the 4th of every month (€130).
February - Paid
March - Paid
April - Paid
May - Paid
June - Paid
July €5 / €130

Updated : 2022-01-15

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • What's the server IP?
    • or
  • What version does the server support?
    • Server running on version 1.19.2
  • When was this server created?
    • 10th March 2020
  • What is the world size?
    • 60000000 x 60000000
  • Where can I find the server rules?
  • Is duping allowed?
    • NO. except for Carpets, Rails, TNT
  • I'm unable to connect to the server
    • Try to connect to the server using '' or change your DNS server to,
  • I'm stuck on the "Loading world"
    • Try removing the Sodium mod, or switch to the vanilla client. You can prevent this by not logging out in a dying state / on the death screen.
  • Can I use the Netheroof?
    • No.
  • What are the rewards for voting?
    • Currently voting reward(s) are Porkchop and EXP bottles. (Might change in the future)
  • I got false banned, what should I do now?
  • Who are Admin,Mod on the server?
    • MrEDok - Owner
    • Iberium - Admin
    • Mod, Admin will have suffix ingame.

Server Environment Information.

Server settings for players to look up for farms etc.: These settings/values might change depending on the server loads.

  • View/Render distance
    • View-distance: 8
  • Mobcap
    • Mobcap vary depend on optimization but generally is around the value below.
      • Monster: 15-25
      • Animal: 8-12
      • Villager: Around 140-160 per "base"/View distance.
  • Tilecap
    • Hopper: 200/chunk
    • Despawn range
      • Hard: 88
      • Soft: 32

    Mechanic Informations.

    Farms / mechanics that are different from vanilla gameplay:

    • IronFarm / Villager lobotomize
      • Different from vanilla is that Villager need to switch between doing Villager stuff and being scared.
      • Take the following things into consideration when you're designing your farm:
        • You need to make sure that the villager state switching isn't too fast (Idle, Panic).
        • Villager need to have atleast 2 block of movable area (AIR BLOCK) to not be lobotomize.
      • Trading halls:
        • Villager Optimization (Required for everyone to do*)
          • Villagers eat up a lot of server resources, which you can help save by optimizing them. This means we can have a higher villager max cap and improve other server stuff (like viewdistance)
        • To optimize your villagers:
          • Build a wall around the villager to make them not able to move, pathfind (1x1 Trading hall style)
        * Failure to optimize your villagers will results in one warning, after that warning you have 24 hours to optimize your villagers or they will be deleted.
    • Schematic for a basic, scalable Iron farm:

    • Phantoms
      • Toggle phantoms on or off with /togglephantoms. You need to complete the [Two Birds, One Arrow] achievement for this command.
    • Armorstand
      • Doesn't ticks to reduce lag and exploit.
    • Trident
      • Using riptide enchanted trident with elytra will reduce elytra durability.

    Work in progress.
    Updated: 2023-01-07