Frequently Asked Questions.

  • What's the server IP?
    • or
  • What version does the server support?
    • Server running on version 1.19.2
  • When was this server created?
    • 10th March 2020
  • What is the world size?
    • 60000000 x 60000000
  • Where can I find the server rules?
  • Is duping allowed?
    • NO. except for Carpets, Rails, TNT
  • I'm unable to connect to the server
    • Try to connect to the server using '' or change your DNS server to,
  • I'm stuck on the "Loading world"
    • Try removing the Sodium mod, or switch to the vanilla client. You can prevent this by not logging out in a dying state / on the death screen.
  • Can I use the Netheroof?
    • No.
  • What are the rewards for voting?
    • Currently voting reward(s) are Porkchop and EXP bottles. (Might change in the future)
  • I got false banned, what should I do now?
  • Who are Admin,Mod on the server?
    • MrEDok - Owner
    • Iberium - Admin
    • Mod, Admin will have suffix ingame.

Server Environment Information.

Server settings for players to look up for farms etc.: These settings/values might change depending on the server loads.

  • View/Render distance
    • View-distance: 8
  • Mobcap
    • Mobcap vary depend on optimization but generally is around the value below.
      • Monster: 15-25
      • Animal: 8-12
      • Villager: Around 110-120 per "base"/View distance.
  • Tilecap
    • Hopper: 200/chunk
    • Despawn range
      • Hard: 80
      • Soft: 32

    Mechanic Informations.

    Farms / mechanics that are different from vanilla gameplay:

    • IronFarm / Villager lobotomize
      • Different from vanilla is that Villager need to switch between doing Villager stuff and being scared.
      • Take the following things into consideration when you're designing your farm:
        • You need to make sure that the villager state switching isn't too fast (Idle, Panic).
        • Villager need 2 or more block movable area for villager to be able to move around/path find.
        • Make sure that villagers aren't able to walk on their bed.
      • Trading halls:
        • Villager Optimization (Required for everyone to do*)
          • Villagers eat up a lot of server resources, which you can help save by optimizing them. This means we can have a higher villager max cap and improve other server stuff (like viewdistance)
        • To optimize your villagers:
          • Rename them using a nametag titled "Optimize" on all villagers in trading halls and other places where they're only required to stand still (idle). Do not put the nametag on villagers in farms, this will break the farms.
        * Failure to optimize your villagers will results in one warning, after that warning you have 24 hours to optimize your villagers or they will be deleted.
    • Schematic for a basic, scalable Iron farm:

    • Phantoms
      • Toggle phantoms on or off with /togglephantoms. You need to complete the [Two Birds, One Arrow] achievement for this command.
    • Armorstand
      • Doesn't ticks to reduce lag and exploit.

    Work in progress.
    Updated: 2022-10-09