Ban Policy

Work in progress

Ban Duration

Exceptional Bans
In event of breaking the rules and causing significant damage to the server, we staff may add another "offence" or permanently ban.
  • Rules #1: No lag machines or deliberate overuse of server resources.
    • 1st Offence: Permanent ban.
  • Rules #2: No use of hacked clients, external programs, X-Ray texture packs or radar.
    • 1st Offence: 30 day ban.
    • 2nd Offence: 180 day ban.
    • 3rd Offence: Permanent ban.
  • Rules #3: No doxxing or real life threatening.
    • 1st Offence: Permanent ban.
  • Rules #4: No use of exploits or duping.
    • 1st Offence: Permanent ban.
  • GrayArea:
    • 1st Offence: 7 day ban.
    • 2nd Offence: 30 day ban.
    • 3rd Offence: 90 day ban.
    • 4th Offence: 180 day ban.
    • 5th Permanent ban.
These are case specific and staff will decide when they are appropriate. An example for a gray area ban is using a mod which is not allowed on our mod list. Ban durations can vary depending on the severity of the offense, but the list above will apply to most cases.

Multiple account and account sharing.

Work in progress.
BUT generally dont share account since this can result in ban evasion ban which is permanent.

Ban Evasion

If you try to avoid a ban by using an alternate account or VPN, all of your accounts, including any shared ones, will be permanently banned.


If you think that you have been falsely banned, immediately open a ticket on our Discord Any Tickets or Bans that are older than 1 week after the ban date will not be processed.
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