General Server Rules

Please note that this page is a work in progress and may be incomplete. If you find any missing information or have questions, please contact us on our Discord and we'll be happy to assist you.

Minecraft Server Rules

Information regarding our policies on bans, including ban durations, account sharing, and other related details, please click on this link.
  1. 1.
    No lag machines or deliberate overuse of server resources.
    • Intentionally lagging the server or creating stress on the server and ruins the experience of the Player on the server is NOT allowed.
    • Designing/Building a machine/mechanism in a hugely inefficient manner with intention to cause lag to the server is NOT allowed (This might not result in a ban, but we will inform you of the inefficient and might have you take it down or rebuild it.)
  2. 2.
    No use of hacked clients, external programs, X-Ray texture packs or radar.
    • Hacked client: these are clients that offer or give more advantage for anyone that used them and therefore are NOT allowed on the server.
    • Using an external program such as a macro or auto clicker while PvPing is also NOT allowed since it gives more advantage than normal. You can use an auto clicker for farms, providing it doesn't spam clicks super fast.
    • Using a world download, replay mod or other illegimate means to get locations for structures, blocks, entity, etc.
    • Any type of radar or tracer that shows Players*, Entities*, Tiles*, Ores*, etc.
    • If what you're doing looks like X-Ray or ESP, We'll treat it as such. For example: composter glitching, pieray, "glitching" player model inside a block in any way to look for underground structures, caves, etc. Appeal reason will not be valid unless there is solid proof on the player side.
  3. 3.
    No doxxing or real life threatening.
    • Any type of doxxing, threatening of doxxing or using in real life info. Threatening someone, both inside and outside of the UneasyVanilla Minecraft & Discord server should be reported to the admin of that server and action will be taken on both the UneasyVanilla Minecraft and Discord server.
    • We have a zero tolerance policy on doxxing and real life threatening, breaking this rule will result in a permanent ban from both the UneasyVanilla Minecraft server and Discord server. We expect doxxing threats to be reported within 30 days of them happening. Any reports older than one month may not be processed.
  4. 4.
    No use of exploits or duping.
    • Using an exploit to gain advantages over other players is NOT allowed.
    • Using an exploit or mechanic to restrict an account(s)/player(s) from playing the game.
    • The only types of duping that are allowed on the server are TNT, Carpets and Rails.

Allowed Client and Mods

A list of officially allowed client modifications that you are allowed to use on the server without being banned/punished.
This list can be considered "incomplete" since there are a lot of mods for Minecraft, but you can always ask us on the Discord for allowed mods or mods that should be on the list.























Mods Packs

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