This is a list of server configuration options that modify gameplay mechanics in order to accommodate the number of players while maintaining good server performance.

View/Render distance.

  • view-distance: 8
  • simulation-distance: 6
  • mob-spawn-range: 5


  • Monster: 25
  • Animal: 10

Despawn range

  • Soft: 32
  • Hard: 80

Nether roof

  • Disabled to avoid lag caused by players loading new chunks, which would significantly increase the size of the world file.

Resource Duping

  • Only resource that is allowed to be dupe is Carpet, Rails and TNT.
  • Other resource duping is against the duping rule.


  • Toggle phantoms on or off with /togglephantoms You need to complete the [Two Birds, One Arrow] achievement for this command.


  • Villager sensors and behaviour ticks is slower compare to vanilla.
    • Affect job changing speed.
    • Pathfinding speed.
  • Take the following things into consideration when you're designing your farm(s).
    • Make sure that the villager state switching isn't too fast (Idle <-> Panic) in an ironfarm.
  • Below, you can find a scalable ironfarm design schematic that work the server and available for download.
Last modified 5mo ago