Forum image embed

Website May 27, 2024

When an image is added to a forum post, it will be embedded in the post (only the first image).

The description in the embed will default to the forum post text itself. If no text is provided in the post, it will be substituted with the default website description.

Re add vote site

Website May 7, 2024

We re-added all voting sites to the website wiki

Check it out here VotinSite

Website launch

Website May 4, 2024

The initial launch of the new website.


Change the login/registration mechanic to use Microsoft login instead of email, and username.

Change platform

Website May 3, 2024

Move the website from NamelessMC to Azuriom and port over the data from the old website.

Website revamp

Website February 6, 2024

Move the website over to nameless.


UneasyVanilla is a semi-anarchy/survival minecraft server, started on the 10th of March 2020, designed to give players total freedom to play Minecraft just as the developers intended.

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